Key Topics

  Key and cross sectional topics of the profile area MatSE RWTH Aachen University.

The activities of the profile area Materials Science and Engineering are focusing on three key topics: structural materials, functional materials and materials for nanoelectronics and quantum information. These are characterized by a high social relevance and a clear future orientation, because they can make a possible contribution for solving global challenges in the areas energy, mobility and future information technology.

Besides the three key topics there are three cross-sectional topics: characterization methods, micro and nano fabrication and simulation with methods, bridging all length scales.

The scope ranges from basic cross-sectional topics to a variety of technological applications in the field of the global challenges.


Key Topics

  • Structural materials
    Material design and ICME;
    Structural Integrity;
    Materials for Extreme Environments;
    Efficient processes in  product manufactoring and material production;
    Sustainable Buildings
  • Functional materials
    Polymer materials, composite materials, Aachen Polymer Chain;
    Elektrochemical energy storage and converter;
    Functional materials within inorganic and physical chemistry
  • Materials for nanoelectronic and quantum information
    Resistive switching in oxides and phase change materials;
    Graphene and two dimensional material systems;
    Quantum information: Materials and implementation;
    Topological insulators;
    Solid State Lighting, energyefficient electronic and renewable energy generation

Cross-sectional topics

  • Characterisation methods
  • Mikro- and nanofabrication
  • Simulation with ab initio methods